We sound off on occurrences near the Puget Sound.

Tyler, The Creators:

My name is Michael Ajeto and I currently reside in Bellingham, WA and am attending Western Washington University planning on a Secondary Education major. I am originally from Auburn, WA. I am a Seahawks, Mariners, Huskies, and Sonics (RIP) fan. I was designated for assignment in 7th grade (quit because I sucked) but more importantly I once bunted for multiple home runs in Little League. Dustin provided the $18 (don’t fret I gave him $4…. cash) and I provided the name. I can be reached at ajetom@students.wwu.edu.

Horrific, traumatizing anecdote: At Mariners FanFest 2012, me and Dustin went to the bullpen to throw a couple pitches to the catchers. There we met James Paxton and got to take a picture with him. Unfortunately, being that it was extremely chilly outside, one of my pitches sailed a bit and hit a nearby catcher spectating. I nearly died inside. Paxton is very tall. I am very not. That is all.




I’m Dustin Ryan. My friends call me Dust, my enemies call me Dusty, and my 7th grade basketball coach calls me D-Train. I’m a Mariner fan because I love being miserable. Though I’m the majority stock holder of this fine internet domain, I’ll be sharing the writing duties with the impeccable Michael Ajeto. My baseball career was tragically cut short after batting a clean .000 with a hit-by-pitch in 8th grade, but that leaves me time to talk about the Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, and everything else that gives me a hard-on for Seattle.

I love music (rap, punk, alternative). I love nature (hiking, camping, swimming). I love social networks (@CompassRumpus, @dustinjryan, dustinjryan on Instagram)  You can contact Mike and I at soundingoffblog@yahoo.com




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