X(Savior) Nady

On Tuesday it was reported, er, tweeted by Bob Dutton that the Mariners had agreed to a minor league contract with Xavier Nady. The signing is almost certainly a depth signing, and to bring in a bat to shore up their hitting against left handed pitching, since Nady has been a better hitter against lefties than righties in his career. Nady isn’t going to take anyone’s job, but he does provide good defense at first, below average defense in the outfield, and… uh… veteran grit. In 22 games with the Padres this year, Nady was 5-37 before getting designated for assignment.

The signing is a low-risk, low-reward signing, as he doesn’t have great upside because of his age and skillset, but he’s also cheap and just on a minor league deal. With Corey Hart and Logan Morrison nursing injuries and not likely to be back for awhile, why not? Logan Morrison and Corey Hart both have injury histories, which is why it’s not a surprise to see them both missing time. Because of their injuries, it is doubtful to see either of them in the outfield this year, which would have been nice for lineup flexibility. Although Hart is a passable fielder, Morrison is about as bad as Ibanez and Morse were.

At his best, Xavier Nady was a 3 WAR player with a .305/.357/.510 triple slash, with 25 dingers with a .375 wOBA and 128 wRC+ in 148 games. At his worst, Xavier Nady was a -0.8 WAR player with a .184/.253/.316 triple slash, with 4 dingers and a .248 wOBA and 53 wRC+ in 59 games.

Whether Xavier Nady decides to be good Xavier Nady or bad Xavier Nady (or fall in between), he’s very likely not going to be anyone’s savior and it isn’t a move to be up in arms about. It could be worse, Xavier Nady could be Tracy McGrady.


– Mikey Ajeto


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