Popping the Cherry

Sorry for the gross title! Dustin’s idea! Let’s start.

A play on words regarding the Puget Sound, Sounding Off will serve as a Seattle sports blog but really whatever the hell we want. As a user of the internet, I’m sure you’re familiar with how blogs work: We’ll voice our thoughts on various topics, and you’ll tell us why we’re idiots. Before we jump into writing articles, we feel we should introduce ourselves so you can get a feel for who we are, and what better format for doing this than the timeless Myspace survey.


Most Underrated Player:

  • Dustin – Jhoulys Chacin
  • Mike – Ben Zobrist

Most Overrated Player

  • Dustin – CC Sabathia
  • Mike – Homer Bailey

Favorite (Non-Felix) Player

  • Dustin – Jose Fernandez
  • Mike – Dustin Ackley

Least Favorite Player

  • Dustin – Carlos Quentin
  • Mike – Erik Bedard

Team You Would Least Like To Play For

  • Dustin – Miami Marlins
  • Mike – New York Yankees

For or Against Steroids In HoF

  • Dustin – For
  • Mike – Against


Most Underrated Player

  • Dustin – Tarvaris Jackson
  • Mike – Doug Baldwin

Most Overrated Player

  • Dustin – Mark Sanchez
  • Mike – Robert Griffin III

Least Favorite Player

  • Dustin – Collin Kaepernick
  • Mike – Collin Kaepernick

Favorite Player

  • Dustin – Russell Wilson
  • Mike – Earl Thomas

Team You Would Least Like To Play For

  • Dustin – Oakland Raiders
  • Mike – San Francisco 49ers

Random Crush

  • Dustin – Kate Upton
  • Mike – Anna Kendrick

Just a short and sweet little survey to give you an extremely minute look into…. really nothing. Up soon will be the excessively long podcast that we made over Skype for probably very few people!


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